Duratech Camshaft Mivec

Race Camshaft Valve Spring 4G92 Mivec

Racing camshaft for 4G92 Mivec
This is Stage2 race cams 304/304

4G92 Mivec CA4A & CB4A 1996-1997
4G92 Mivec CJ4A & CK4A 1997-2002

This cam provides larger gains when there is more compression in the combustion chamber than what came factory.
Recommend using this cams on fully built engines with cam gear adjustable,valve spring,retainer and engine management.
Power gain depending on engine built and tuner
Quality professional installation high recommend

Camshaft information:

Ready 260 Deg / Lift 8.9mm
Mivec on 304 Deg / Lift 11.3mm

Ready 256deg / Lift 8.4mm
Mivec on 304 Deg / Lift 10.8mm

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