Mitsubishi Hydraulic Lifter 3mm Lancer 4G63 4G63T Lancer Evo

Tick-Tick-Tick-Tick..Does your car have the infamous tick ??!!
Mitsubishi lifters utilize a stiffer spring inside to help keep the lifter at its operating height even when oil pressure is low.

New Hydraulic Lifter Tappets
High quality lifter from manufacture JAPAN
Replace your sticky noisy or badly performing lifter 4G63 4G63T Turbo NA Lancer Evo 1~9 GSR

4G63 DOHC stock oem had a 1.0mm hole, the 1.0mm hole caused problems with blocking up which was why Mitsubishi switched upgrade to the 3mm.

Complete 16 x pcs lifter

Fitment Mitsubishi:
4G63 4G63T Turbo / NA
Lancer Evo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Lifters must be bled down before installation.
FITMENT Mitsubishi 4G63