Gaugel Meter 52MM Oil Temp Oil Press Fuel Press Oil Press

Meter Gauge Oil Press Oil Temp Water Temp Fuel Press Oil Press

- 3 in 1 car auto gauge, including water temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge.
- Made of steel material, durable to use.
- You can clearly see the numbers and pointers, luminous dial for easy reading in the darkness.
- High sensitive meter and simple operation.
- Insure greater accuracy and provide a wider margin of safety than indicator lights.
- Suitable for all cars, trucks, tractors and marine engines.
- Water temperature gauge measurement range: 40 - 120 Deg.C .
- Oil temperature gauge measurement range: 50 - 150 Deg.c.
- Oil pressure gauge measurement range: 0 - 7kg.

Oil pressure gauge indicates:
- Low oil level.
- Clogged oil filter.
- Loose or broken oil line.
- Oil foaming.
- Improper oil viscosity.
- Engine bearing failure.

Water temperature gauge indicates:
- Low coolant level.
- Defective thermostat.
- Broken fan belts.
- Blocked radiator.
- Leaking cooling system.

Package weight: 0.569 kg
Package Contents:
1 x Water Temperature Gauge,
1 x Oil Temperature Gauge,
1 x Fuel / Oil Pressure Gauge,

Sensor Including
1 x Water Temperature Sensor,
1 x Oil Temperature Sensor,
1 x Pressure Sensor,