Pivot 7 power core grounding earth cable

The additional earth wire on our Composite Earth Cable has a conductor circumference 2.5 times the normal wire. This improves the firing speed by reducing voltage loss and increasing conductivity of high frequency waves released by the ignition coil. Moreover, by facilitating ionization during combustion, it improves gas mileage and engine torque.

- Improve Combustion
- Tin Plated Conductor Wires for Increased Frequency Conductivity. 5.25sq (0.75sq x 7
conductor wires)
- Heat resistant to 105°C
- Heat resistant to 105°C, Outside Diameter 8mm
- Machined Aluminum Heat Radiation Cap and Corrosion Resistant from Battery Gas Tin Plated
Electrical Terminal.-
- Superiorly Designed for Efficient Power Distribution at Ignition
- Thickness: 6 GA
- 7 Power Core Inside a single cable
- Improve Ignition system
- Increase Dynamoelectric power
- Increase Brightness of headlamp
- Improve Audio performance
- Increase Horsepower Up to 25%
- Increase Pick Up 5% - 15%
- Improve Fuel Effectioncy Up to 30%
- Stabilize Electricity
- Improve Battery Power & Life Span
- 1 Year Warranty
- Weight: 1.5Kg
- Made in Japan