Skunk2 Titanium Retainer Honda Vtec B16 B17 B18 H22 Series

Skunk2 Titanium Retainer
For Honda VTEC B16 B17 B18 H22

Titanium Retainers are light-weight, and very strong. Its a good idea to replace your factory retainers because if one of your OEM retainers breaks after installing a more aggressive cam, it will drop a valve into the engine and completely destroy the entire engine. Also, titanium retainers are lighter, and freeing up mass in the valvetrain will help free up robbed power in the engine.

Automotive Race Engineer and Published Author Herb Adams explains that reducing rotating mass from the assembly moving at engine-speed provides similar gains to removing 15 times its static weight from the chassis. While the retainers are not rotating, they are still a weight-component in an assembly traveling at engine speed. The lighter you can get engine components the better.

Valve springs are sold separately