TODA Cam Gear Pulley Adjustable Mazda B6 & B8

TODA racing cam gear for Mazda B6 & B8

TODA Racing cam pulley allow precise tuning of camshaft timing.
Adjustable cam pulley are essential when using
Toda Camshafts or any non-stock performance
TODA cam pulley are made completely
from 7075 aluminum while our
competitors use 6061.
6061 is a cheaper grade of aluminum and is easier to
produce on CNC machines,
therefore is cheaper to produce.7075 is a more
expensive and higher grade of aluminum
commonly found on fighter aircraft
landing gear or other high stress areas.
The use of 7075 aluminum allows TODA
Racing to offer the strongest and
lightest cam pulley on the market.
In addition, our advanced timing degree system
makes TODA cam pulley the most accurate on the market.
For long term durability the timing marks are machined
into the metal, not painted on, or silk screened,
therefore they will not rub
off with age.