Works Cam Gear


Each gear is adjustable in 1° increments to a maximum +/- 10°. Our engraved timing marks are accurate to within 1 minute of degree! With the simple design our gears end up being lighter than the stock gears they replace.

Our tooth profile matches the OEM spec exactly for each gear we make. The outer cog section of our gears is black hard-anodized, to prevent on/wear from the timing belt. We use black hard coat because of the great contrast it gives against our engraved timing marks. The 5-bolt locking pattern is plenty secure and we use only stainless steel hardware to ensure durability. This design provides a lifetime of worry-free adjustment.

Machining for optimum component fit is critical with adjustable cam gears. Any free play between the inner and the outer sections will cause the hardware to come loose no matter how much is tightened. Our extra care in the machining process guarantees you our gears will not come loose when you follow the torque specifications in our instructions.

Horsepower gains can vary widely depending on what has been done to the vehicle and how it is used. Gain from 5 to 20 horsepower can be realized.


Mitsubishi 4G63 Evo 1-8

Mitsubishi 4G92/3 DOHC

Mitsubishi Lancer / Proton 4G92 SOHC

Mitsubishi Lancer / Proton 4G13/15

Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 / 4G18 / Proton Waja

Proton Campro / Gen2 / Satria Neo / Persona / New Saga BLM

Mitsubishi 6A10/12/13 Eterna / Perdana V6 CamGear (SET OF 4)

Honda B Series DOHC CamGear

Honda H Series DOHC CamGear

Honda K Series DOHC CamGear

Nissan SR20DET CamGear

Nissan RB20/25/26 CamGear

Mazda MX5/BP6/BP/NB6/8 CamGear

BMW E30/E36 6 cylinder SOHC CamGear

Toyota Supra / Lexus GS300 / 2JZ CamGear

Toyota 4A-GE CamGear

Toyota 4A-GE 20V Levin CamGear

Toyota 3S-GTE MR2 / Celica / Caldina CamGear

Daihatsu L200 12V / Mira Turbo