shenzo racing oil

- world class racing oil
- API service SN
- SN technology
- japan 100% fully performance synthetic

more improver:
- emission system durability
- seal compatibility
- fuel economy
- E85 rust protection
- E85 emulsion retention
- volatility
- engine sludge protection
- piston cleanliness
- turbocharger protection
- oxidative thickening
- wear protection

temperature control for longer oil life and less metal fatigue
has higher lubricity for faster acceleration and more RPM
provides better protection at high operating temperatures

ready track and drag
petrol & diesel engine use
super car welcome !!

shenzo racing oil is SN formula, more better than others X brand still in old formula SL or SM

SL = 2001 formula
SM = 2004 formula
SN = 2011 formula