works fuel regulator

our universal adjustable fuel pressure regulator can be remotely mounted on ANY application that utilizes a return hose.yhis unit is capable of supporting enough fuel flow for engines in excess of 1000 HP,and is ideal for forced-induction engines since it is boost depent (1:1 ratio)

-CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum.
-interchangeable discharge ports match regulator output to output of any fuel pump.
-adjustable from 20 psi to maximum fuel pump capacity.
-maintains stable fuel pressure at high HP levels.
-sensetive adjustment allows setting of optimum fuel pressure.
-service hole in regulator perfect for pressure gauge installation or as a feed for nitrous system or additional injector setup.
-mounting bracket included.

-stage 1 (up to 600HP)
-stage 2 (up to 1200 HP)