Buddy Club Honda Vtec Controller

Now you have full control of your VTEC engagement point!
Being able to move your VTEC changeover point is absolutely essential
when you're trying to fine-tune your VTEC engine.

Aftermarket cams and higher rev limits may prompt
you to set the VTEC changeover point to a higher 
place in the RPM band for normally aspirated engines.

Turbocharged engines may be better suited with
lower VTEC changeover points to help 
build boost at a lower RPM.

Fix model:
Accord Engine = F23A,F22B,H22A
Civic Engine = B16A,B16B,B18C,D15B,D16
Integra Engine = B16A BC18C B18C
Odyssey Engine = F23A,J30A
Prelude Engine = H22A
S2000 Engine = FC20C