Skunk2 racing dual valve spring Honda B series

- Skunk2 spec pro 3
- Racing dual valve spring
- For Honda B series engine use

Seat Pressure: 60 lbs at 1.320”
Open Pressure: 210 lbs at 0.820”
Coil Bind: 0.720”

Pro Series Valve Springs
Designed to handle the demands of extreme-lift camshafts operating at prolonged, high-rpm use at championship-level racing, Skunk2’s Pro Series Valve Springs are simply the best. Each Pro Series Valve Spring application has been tested at speeds as high as 11,000 rpm on both the engine dyno and the street. Skunk2 designs, develops, and tests its entire valvetrain lineup in-house to ensure superior quality and maximum performance gains. During development, each valvetrain component is tested both on the dyno and the road. Manufactured from the best materials available, Skunk2 valvetrain components provide exceptional performance, reliability, and quality and remain standard-issue on each Skunk2 vehicle that we build and support.