JASMA racing crankshaft stroker mitsubishi 4g13 & 4g15

Transplant this JASMA racing stroker cranks into
your powerplant and get ready to pump out the power.

    Heat treated steel
    Nitrided harden
    Full flow oiling
    Profiled counterweights
    Machined for lightness
    Micro-polished to exacting tolerances.
    Straight shot and chamfer oil holes
    Large fillet radius on all journals
    Precious ground, micro polished, balanced & magnaflued
    Cross-Drilled holes for best rod journal lubrication
    Balanced crankshaft
    Greater torque and horsepower
    Similar to original 4G13/15 main and rod journal sizes
    Rod journal 42mm
    Main journal diameter 48mm
    Stroke 87mm
    Weight 11.7kg

    Conversion to 1.6 liter    

    Note :   
     Use standard size 4G13/4G15 main & con rod bearing.  
     U may select to use standard 4G13/4G15 con rod or standard waja 4g18 1.6 con rod.  
     Piston 4G13/4G15 cannot be use.  U may use waja 4G18 1.6 standard piston. 
     Original 4G13/4G15 flywheel can be fitted in nicely using all original bolts.
     Original 4G13/4G15 crankshaft stroke 82mm. 
     Main bolt tightening crank pulley to crankshaft still using original 4G13/4G15.