shenzo racing oil test

shenzo racing oil is SN formula, more better than others X brand still in old formula

SG = 1993 formula
SH = 1996 formula
SJ = 1997 formula
SL = 2001 formula
SM = 2004 formula
SN = 2011 formula (SHENZO racing oil)

after run 3000km - 8000km (or more) SHENZO racing oil SN formula still looks clean and clear.
this is 100% fully synthetic japan racing oil with (API SN service)
shenzo racing oil is very high temp will still keep engine more powerful high rev and fuel saver !

if non shenzo SN,the oil will change to black and dirty dark after engine run 500km - 2000km only. engine performance will going down !!

pls check back your engine oil now.