F-CON iS can control the latest advanced engines. Just connect to a stock ECU with a vehicle specified harness without modification. HKS "F-CON iS" is a piggy-back ECU for fuel and ignition management as well as new features.

PLM Extractor Header EG EK B16 B18 B20

PLM extractor header EG EK B16 B18 B20
Extractor header b16a b18c b20b
Original genuine PLM product.
Real USA stainless steel

AEM 30-1930 FIC 8 Fuel Ignition Controller 4-8 Cylinder ECU Piggy back

AEM's F/IC 8 is a PC-programmable piggy back controller that allows users to retard timing and add fuel to virtually any 4 and 6 cylinder engine - even on variable cam timing engines (VTEC, iVTEC, VVTi, MiVEC, etc). The F/IC works in parallel with the factory ECU and allows vehicles with CAN-BUS to retain the full functionality of the climate controls, cruise control, dash, and other components of the network.

If you have boosted your factory engine, or plan to in the future, the AEM F/IC is an affordable alternative to a stand alone engine management system that still allows for powerful tuning. The F/IC can work with either factory or larger aftermarket injectors, and can even clamp a factory MAF so you can run boost with your stock mass air flow sensor. This allows someone with an OBD-II vehicle to easily and safely add a turbo or supercharger to their vehicle yet still maintain every day driveability.
Works with latest OBD-II race vehicles including those with variable valve timing
Variable valve timing controller based on engine RPM and load
Injector inputs with simulated injector load used when remapping OEM injectors
Injector controller for either remapping of ECU output (+/- 100% trim) or as a stand alone extra injector driver
21x17 maps with configurable load and RPM breakpoints
Analog in/out for remapping/clamping MAF
F/IC can draw power from PC USB for quick and easy calibration changes - even when it's out of the car!
On board 64K datalogger
Drives high or low-impedance injectors with use of Peak & Hold Injector Driver Box
Up to five channels of timing retard
On board 41PSIA (25PSI boost) manifold pressure sensor

* 8 Injector Channels
* Advanced Injector Load Simulation & Filtering
* 5 Timing Channels (Cam & Crank)
* High/Low Voltage Selectable MAG-Driver Outputs
* Frequency Based Flow Meter Support
* Speedometer Recalibrator / External AFR Input
* Boost Controller (Requires AEM 30-2400 Solenoid)
* IAT Logging Input / o2 Sensor Remapping
* Onboard Map Sensor
* PC Dataloggin / 2 Mb of Internal Logging Memory

Sparco Full Bucket Seat

Sparco racing full bucket seat
Go with universal railing

Skunk2 Alpha & Pro Series valve spring retainer K20 K24

Skunk2 Alpha valve spring retainer K20 K24
Skunk2 Pro valve spring retainer K20 K24

DEI Titanium Exhaust Thermal Wrap

DEI Titanium exhaust thermal wrap, with LR Technology, is made
from pulverized lava rock and stranded into a
fiber material and woven into a proprietary weave.
Titanium wrap is engineered to be stronger than
most wraps and more durable for improved thermal
performance and reliability. Perfect for any
automotive or motorcycle application!
Improves horsepower
Withstand direct heat up to 1800°F(982°C) and 2500 °F (1800 °C)

Size 2.0" inch x 10 meter
Size 2.0" inch x 5 meter

Daihatsu Mira L200 L200S Turbo Down Pipe

Daihatsu Mira L200 L200S Turbo Down Pipe
Custom make
Material full stainless steel
Sound scream as the external wastegate